Girl Whose Lips Were Bit By Her Ex-Boyfriend Is Participating In Beauty Pageant

There was a time she thought nothing left except darkness. She gave up all the dreams and hope. And this is the time she gains all those rays of hope back. Once a disfigured teen is now on the way to becoming a beauty queen. Becoming a renowned model is her dream.
19-year-old Chantelle Ward (UK) survived a horrifying attack by her ex-boyfriend in February 2014. When she wanted to end their 2-year relationship, Rhys Culley, 23 ended it up savagely biting her off on her lip. This brutal guy went to kiss her and gave a terrible bloody bite on her upper lip. The guy is sentenced to eight years in prison.
Chantelle has crossed over a year of the bitter incident. Now she is rebuilding her confidence and stands as a contestant for the Miss GB North East. She is using the platform to voice the issue of domestic violence. After her break up, what she realise is she was unknowingly facing the mental abuse by her boyfriend throughout the relationship.
The story of Chantelle warns all those girls who silently tolerate the violence and fear to disclose it. Chantelle encourages the rest of the women to come forward with their own and not to give up in life.

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