22 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding Photos That Show Love Is Powerful

Do you know that June is celebrated as LGBT Pride Month? It is remembered and celebrated in the honor of the Stonewall Riots. At Stonewall Inn, New York, violent demonstrations were made against a police raid on 28 June 1969 by LGBT community. The event is known for the biggest step in gay liberation movement and LGBT rights in US.

After that riots, the LGBT community faced obstacles regarding gender, class, race, etc. They raised their voice for equality. Sooner, the gay activist organizations got active in New York. The movement gradually spread to other parts of the United States.

The time has changed, and the society up to some extent accepts the existence of LGBT. Although the perceptions are changed, LGBT community around the globe is still fighting for their freedom and rights.
These heart-touching photographs depict the beautiful world of LGBT. These couples prove that everyone is free to live the life they want, and love is free for all.
1. Moe and Lina

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