10 Butterface Celebs With An Underrated Bum

The expression butterface is not something anyone ever wants to hear. Predominately, you will hear men using this term to describe a woman who has a banging body but doesn’t quite have the same kind of magic happening around her facial features. The expression came about when men would describe these creatures as having amazing bodies but-her-face. The Urban Dictionary states the same thing: “everything but her face is attractive.” The term has gained steam in the 2000s. In part, Howard Stern, of the “Howard Stern Show,” has popularized the term. Stern even went as far as to host a Miss Butterface Contest in Las Vegas.
The gist is, some women just don’t have it when it comes to classic physical beauty. However, despite some less than desirable facial features, some women take very good care of their bodies. In fact, they take such good care of their bodies, they cause men to gawk and turn their heads. They have the body of an adult film star with a face that is lacking to keep up. Thus, they are butterfaces.
Some people may not believe it, but there are celebrities out there who have stellar figures but their faces just don’t match up. Some of these celebrities have been very successful; even considered A-list actresses. Without a beautiful face, these women can actually be considered ugly despite having some pretty hot side assets. These are 10 Butterface Celebs With An Underrated Bum.

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