15 Forgotten MTV Stars Where Are They Now

MTV cycles through shows at an insane rate. There are so many shows that have been tried and failed on MTV. I mean, consider some of these awful shows: Jailbait, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Clone High, Say What? Karaoke, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Undressed (what’s worse, all of these awful shows are about exactly what you’d assume). When they take titles this bad and even manage to be successful for multiple seasons, imagine the ones that fail pretty quickly. MTV has had some pretty terrible shows.
Furthermore, imagine the people that sign up to be leads on these shows thinking they’ll climb their way to fame (someone willingly signed up to be a lead on Jailbait. Come on). Whether their shows were successful or not, MTV fame doesn’t equate to true fame. So many celebrities have come and gone through the MTV limelight.

So let’s take a refresher course. Here are fifteen MTV stars we all forgot about.

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