This Photographer Captures Elderly Couples In Love More Than 50 Years

It’s effortless loving someone, what matters is how long you do it.

We have often seen juvenile lovers and get lost in the feeling of love but what about the people who are sharing a beautiful bond of love with each other even after 50 years and above.

Lauren Fleishman jumped up a new project of capturing the photographs of couples who are together for so long time. She just asked some adorable elderly couples to kiss which made them remember their young age love.

Fleishman read the love letters her grandfather had written to her grandmother during world war-2. She didn’t experience this different feeling of love before. Those heartwarming love letters inspired her to start the picture series project, “The lovers.”

Let’s check out these photos of adorable lovers, together for more than fifty years.
A Kiss speaks more than the words.

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