NASA Spots A Woman-Like Figure On Mars, Sparks A Debate On Alien Discovery

The latest images taken by the Curiosity Rover of the planet Mars were analysed by UFO Sightings Daily and have created a buzz among UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy forums. One of the photos from the Mars Curiosity rover uploaded on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is going viral on the internet, showing a “woman” on the red planet. The so-called woman seems to have to two arms, a head with long flying hair and breasts, indicated by the shadow on ‘her’ chest. Here is another big news from NASA in the month after the latest discovery of Earth 2.0.

According to Eric Mack’s article, he contacted Guy Webster, media requests manager related to Mars exploration and asked him about the “discovery” made in the NASA Mars mission. Webster replied,”It’s really easy to pick out rocks or other things that look like something else in pictures like this.”


The news has received both positive and negative response from scientists around the world. Some called it “pareidolia”, the act of believing and seeing things that aren’t there. While others are considering it a breakthrough in discovering alien life on the planet Mars.

Let’s wait for NASA to officially speak about the “Martian Woman” and throw some light on the captured feminine figure on the rocky planet. Looks like NASA mission to Mars will explain many mysteries about space and aeronautics, and the red planet.

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Hoping it to be a feather in the cap of Mars exploration project.

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