What This Man Did In The Toughest Marathon Is Death Defying

‘Behind Strongest Exteriors, Beats Noblest Hearts’. This quote was proven true when a former international athlete decided to pull a 1.4 tonne car over the distance of 26.2 mile in 19 hours! And like that wasn’t astounding enough, he did all this for charity! The charity included:Teenage Cancer Trust, Sports Aid, Children with Cancer and United through Sport.
Ross Edgley, a thirty year old former athlete and a fitness fanatic; trained for 14 hours a day, for 8 months, to pull off this stunt, which he claims to be : the world’s strongest marathon. This act of sheer strenght and bravery conflated with undeniable and unwavering resolution and physical discipline, has raised this mortal to the levels of something unhuman. The former swimmer and water polo player for Britain; completed his journey through hell, while suffering unspeakable physical agony and has proven to be a deity of fitness himself. And what started as an act of munifecence, has now quickly turned Ross into an overnight internet sensation. He has gained around 500,000 followers on social media sites and has people following his training routines and diet plans.

Here are some of the pictures of the vailant athlete in the act and his way through the crucible to get himself ready for the task.

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