What A Cold Sore Did To This Man Will Give You Goosebumps

Peter Lisle of Gin Gin, Queensland, never thought that his cold sore can turn out to be a deadly cancer. He diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on his lower lip at the Gladstone Hospital, Australia, in July 2013. It was a dangerous skin cancer because of which he had undergone a major surgery. His entire jaw was removed and rebuilt using bones from his leg and skin from his forehead.
PA Real Life - Peter Lisle
Even after this surgery, his tumour was not removed properly and he underwent four more surgeries to remove this tumor completely. Unable to work and being in a hospital hours away from his wife and children with repetitive surgeries and treatments, Mr Lisle is in debt of $30,000. He and his family are working hard to overcome ths difficult situation and they have started fundraising for the costs of his reconstructive surgery, medications, and lost expenses from being out of work.

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