10 Times Barney Stinson Nailed At Being A Real Lover Boy On How I Met Your Mother

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”-by Emily Brontë
Falling in love is the best thing that can ever happen to man. You just wanna be with her, admiring her beauty, feeling the touch, the lips, the eyes, the hair, being crazy in love. Finding a true love is difficult. No man gets everything he yearns for in his life, that’s the way life is, it’s unfair.
“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”
The deeper the love is, the worse the heartbreak and fear of losing it. People who are emotional are nothing more than a living dead when they lose their love, the heartbreak is like feeling the worst pain ever, that no human is meant to bear. The heart literally aches, crying and yelling, the heartbeats slowing down and getting weaker as the time passes. With no more desires left, the body seems to be left in the grave dug in the frozen ice, feeling nothing but the pain, left alone. One would crave nothing but a few drops of lethe.
Life is too short and in that very short lifetime, one can have a lot of tastes. Love is one of them and heartbreak another. The former is the sweetest and the later, most bitter of all. I have tasted it and believe me, one can get through it.
If you haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother yet, you should. One of characters, Barney, will truly inspire you to love and to live. He too suffered a heartbreak, suffered a lot but at the end found his true love.
There was a time when someone broke my heart into pieces. But Barney Stinson helped me through the suffering and the pain. The moment when he decides to be cool and suit up after suffering a heartbreak inspired me.Whenever I watch How I Met Your Mother, I enjoy Barney’s presence. The way he picks up on girls, cracks jokes, carries himself like a gentleman makes you wanna fall in love with him. Especially when he says Suit up!
“Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial
equivalent of a baby’s smile.”
Put a smile on your face because your life is gonna be awesome just like him.
“Here’s the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on
top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life.”
It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope
you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!”
Here the times when Barney Stinson was the real romantic. So Suit up! Because it’s going to be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY

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